Social Media Privacy Policy

Below we would like to draw your attention to the important legal aspects of data protection when using the pages of our social networks. Use our social media pages at your own risk. If you do not want the aforementioned data processing within Instagram or Facebook or Tiktok, and Youtube contact us via our website

Data Protection Officer

IDIZAJN, crafts for artistic creation Vl. Snjezana Blagšić, Blažićevo C 19, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia, OIB: 57905490158 (hereinafter referred to as “Vallenssia-art”), e-mail: we have on the platforms Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, TikTok corporate profiles on social networks (below “social media page/e”; if the allegations are different or deviate, then ‘account/and or profile/and on Youtube’, or ‘Instagram page’. Through the pages of these social networks, we get in touch with social media users and regularly share content. The provider of the pages of this social network, Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland (below “Google”) and Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland (below “Facebook”) and Tiktok, Culver City (HQ), CA, USA, 5800 Bristol Pkwy may use cookies and similar technologies to store your user behavior. If you use social networks (through profiles on our corporate site, in groups, etc.), the type, scope and purposes of data processing on social networks will be primarily defined by social media providers. In doing so, if you visit the pages of our social networks , we can have an insight into general statistics on interests and demographic characteristics.

Processing personal data through Facebook, Instagram, Tok-Tok, YouTube and Google

To our knowledge, Facebook and Google process user data primarily for the purpose of providing services, for advertising (analysis, measurements, personalized advertising), market research, for the purpose of improving protection, integrity and communication, for communication with you, for research and innovation for social purposes as well as for personalization and product improvement.

More information about data processing through Facebook can be found in the individual data usage policies available to you here for Facebook pages, for pages on Instagram here, and for the Youtube channel here and for TikTok here.

Google and Facebook use so-called cookies to store and further process this information. These are text files that are stored on end-user devices. When a user has a profile on a social network and is logged in, cookies can be stored and analyzed on all devices. More information about the use of cookies by Facebook and about their deactivation can be found in the relevant cookie guidelines available to you for facebook pages here, for pages on Instagram here, and for the Youtube channel here and for TikTok here.

Page Statistics

Facebook and Google, as providers of pages, make page statistics (page visits) available to us as providers of pages. statistics on the use of our channel on Youtube as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages. These are concise statistics. These are created using certain events that are protocoled by Google and Facebook servers when people interact with pages and content related to the pages. In doing so, Google and Facebook provide information about specific categories (followers from a fan, reach of people visiting the site, etc.) and periods.

Facebook pages

On the pages on Facebook we get aggregated statistics on:

  • number of people, grouped by age and gender, who have seen some of our content at least once,
  • the origin of our companions with regard to country, city and language,
  • “I like it” – lists other sites that our followers most often click on,
  • sharing our content with our followers,
  • interactions with our posts, events or video content,
  • connection status,
  • family status (e.g. parent),
  • level of education,
  • occupation name,
  • interests,
  • user behavior,
  • important events in life (e.g. wedding, engagement, the birth of a child, birthdays, relocation),
  • using the device,
  • frequency of activities.

Pages on Instagram

On the pages on Instagram we get aggregated statistics on:

  • gender,
  • age group,
  • favorite locations,
  • the number of “Like” quotes for our photos and video content,
  • number of comments on our photos and video content,
  • Number of people who have seen a photo or video content
  • sharing our content with our followers,
  • How often do you share a photo or video content
  • visits to the profile clicks on the website and conversations started as well as how many people see the content of our Instagram page,
  • visits to our attachments, stories (subscriptions, calls, replies, e-mails, SMS notifications, shared content, impressions, clicks on links, opening pages with stories, leaving / following the story, clicking on the website on the link of other websites available through,
  • planning the route of travel to the place at the links,
  • information on overpayments and target groups, including on the growth of subscribers in defined periods,
  • information when our subscribers are online.

Channel on YouTube

Through channels on Youtube, we get aggregated statistics on:

  • Information you have entered voluntarily such as your name and username, e-mail address, phone number,
  • The content you create, upload, or receive from others while using the Services, such as the photos and video content you store, the documents and tables you create, and your comments on YouTube video content,
  • content that you then share about what topics you are interested in,
  • storing and processing confidential notifications that you send directly to other users,
  • Your location based on GPS data,
  • information about wireless networks or your IP address,
  • login information, including IP address, browser type, operating system, information about the website previously visited your location, your mobile phone provider, the end device you use (including device ID and app ID), the terms you used to search, and cookie information.

Page analytics for these social media sites are created and provided by Google and Facebook i.e. by Google and Facebook. we as a provider of these sites have no influence on their creation and display. We get the data in aggregate form and use analytics to shape attachments and activities on our social media pages so that they are as interesting as possible for users. Because analytics are displayed only after a certain number of people, data cannot be linked to individuals.

More information about page analytics can be found in the Page Analytics Information available for Facebook here, and for Google here. Additionally, here you will find the Joint Responsibility Agreement we have concluded with Facebook.

Vallenssia-art processes this data on the basis of Art. 6th item 1. f) General Regulations. Processing allows us to optimize the functionality of our social network pages and improve our offer. These purposes are also based on our legitimate interest in processing data under Art. 6th item 1. f) General Regulations.

Processing of other personal data

Users of our social media pages may eventually be identified and, in accordance with the visibility settings, get an insight into their profiles and shared information, e.g. when they post posts on our social media pages or add links to posts or add links to posts. As part of this, we process data (e.g. usernames) to provide a page for fans on social networks.

If you no longer want the data to be processed in this way in the future or want to limit this data processing, you can delete your posts or disconnect your Facebook profile from our page by turning off the “Like” button.

If you make your personal information available to us directly through our social networking pages, we will only use it in response to your posts or notifications through Instagram pages, e.g. to answer questions or conduct sweepstakes.

In the processing of data related to the above, the legal basis of Art. 6th item 1.b) of the General Regulation, in the case of inquiries relating to contracts, and in other cases Art. 6th item 1. f) on the basis of our interest to process inquiries and publications according to the needs of the user and, if necessary, to document the result of processing in case of further inquiries.

Storage Period

The data is stored according to the storage time of the “cookies”. The personal data stored will be deleted if your objection to the deletion of the data is adopted, if the storage of the data is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose or if the storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons.

Please note that Google and Facebook collect and store your data when you visit our social media pages. This also applies to cookies that Google and Facebook use to provide functionality. We have no influence on the above. In this regard, please pay attention to the information on Google and Facebook.

Recipient categories, transfer to third countries

As a rule, we do not transfer your data to third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so (e.g. in the case of calls from law enforcement authorities) or if we need it to carry out business processes or use it as part of a data processing contract. This applies e.g. to delivery service providers, payment service providers, service providers, service providers for processing orders, internet hosting providers, communication agencies, external call centres or also IT service providers. In all cases, we strictly comply with legal regulations.

In doing so, the data may also be transferred to other countries where the aforementioned contracting partners have their registered offices and process the data. These are primarily European Economic Area (EEA) countries and in individual cases countries outside the EEA whose data protection rules may be different or less protective than EU regulations. As a result, for example, your data may be processed by authorities for control and monitoring purposes, possibly without the possibility of a remedy. In the event that personal data are processed outside the European Union and no decision has been taken by the European Commission on adequate data protection, we apply appropriate safeguards, including the conclusion of standard EU contractual clauses. The text of the EU standard clause treaty can be found on the European Commission’s website available here.

More information about data protection in case of transfer to third countries can be found for Facebook here, and for Google here.

Data subject rights


You have the right to information about the processing of personal data relating to you, the right to data portability as well as – if applicable – the right to delete, rectify, restrict processing and/or object to the processing as well as the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Contact details of the competent supervisory authority in Croatia:

Personal Data Protection Agency
Selska cesta 136
10000 Zagreb
Telefon: 00385 (0)1 4609-000

For more information, you can contact our data protection officer, whose contact details are listed below.

Regarding the processing of data on your visits, we have agreed with Google and Facebook that it is primarily facebook’s responsibility to provide you with information about your visits to the site and allow you to exercise your rights as a data subject in accordance with the General Regulation (e.g. right to object). More information about this can be found on Facebook here, and for Google here.

Therefore, in principle, we recommend that you contact Google and Facebook directly for the exercise of your rights. If you need help or if you have questions, please contact us via the contact details below.

Specific information on the right to object in accordance with Art. 21. General Regulations

Based on your specific situation, you are entitled under Art. 6th item 1. f) the General Regulation (processing of data for the purpose of protecting the legitimate interest) at all times object to the processing of personal data relating to you. This also applies to profiling based on this legal basis (Art. Point 4. 4. General Regulations).

In the event of a complaint, we will no longer process your personal data unless we can prove that there are compelling and justified reasons for processing that go beyond your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing is necessary to establish, exercise or defend legal claims. If your complaint would be directed at the processing of your data for advertising purposes based on Art. 6th item 1. f), we will discontinue the processing without delay without further verification. This also applies to profiling that occurs in such circumstances.

Data Protection Officer

For any questions related to data protection or your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer

by e-mail:

or to the address:
IDIZAJN Vl. Snježana Blagšić,
Blažićevo C 19
51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Last amendment March 2023