Print on Canvas

Original paintings PRINTED on high-quality canvas

What is Print on Canvas?

Print on Canvas is a reproduction of the Original Paintings by the artist printed on the high-quality canvas.

Your print on canvas, i.e. reproduction of the original painting can be delivered in two options:

  • stretched on the wooden frame regardless of the size, or
  • delivered in a roll.

Print on Canvas is stretched on the wooden frame and Ready to Hang. This means the back of the print has all the hardware necessary for hanging on the wall immediately just like the original painting.

If you order your Print on Canvas in a roll then you will have to ask your local workshop to make you a wooden frame and stretch the canvas.

Where can you use Prints on Canvas?

In short, the worst wall is the empty wall. Undoubtedly, printed canvases are not real paintings but, at the fraction of the price, you can have amazing artwork that will brighten your rooms as much as possible and bring positive energy into your home, office or any other place where you hang out.

You can use your Print on Canvas everywhere, but this might be the best option for hotels, apartments, business offices, dental offices, hospitals, big halls and any other business or private areas.

Before you decide to buy an extraordinary original painting that will enrich your space forever, you can easily beautify your space with Vallenssia’s Prints on Canvas.

Browse right away and find a perfect decorative piece at affordable prices!

All canvases come from Italy, they are a professional grade of 340 g/m2 and contain 100% cotton.

Canvas Prints - Vallenssia Art
Prints on Canvas - Vallenssia Art - cutting the stretcher bars
Printed Canvas - Vallenssia Art artworks


Professional canvas:
1. Canvas is 100% cotton
2. Italian production
3. Canvas professional grade of 340 g/m2
4. Professional ink

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Please bear in mind that:
1. All stretched canvases are made by hand.
2. Gallery-wrapped canvas.
3. Allow 2-3 days of processing time for making your canvas.
4. When it’s ready we will notify you and send it immediately.

High-quality Handmade Blank Canvases - Vallenssia Art

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