Handmade Blank Canvases


High-quality Handmade Blank Canvases - Vallenssia Art

Handmade Blank Canvases


  • This High-quality Handmade Blank Canvases are Gallery Wrapped which means the canvas is stapled to the back of the stretcher bar which is sturdy and durable and suitable for painting on the sides.
  • The surface of the canvas is primed with gesso in several layers in front and on the sides.
  • There is a special layer on the back that prevents collecting moisture and keeps the tension of the canvas.
  • The perfect painting surface for any technique which includes Acrylic, Watercolor, Oils, Acrylic Pouring Mediums, Resin Pours, Alcohol Drawing Inks, Airbrushing & more.

These High-quality Handmade Blank Canvases are made for displaying without a frame. Of course, if you absolutely love it, you can still put the canvas inside your favourite frame.

Stretched canvas - Handmade stretched blank canvas made of high-quality wood stretcher bars and 100% Italian cotton canvas.

I alway wondered...

…what would be like to stretched my own canvases? Besides the painting techniques and all other things that an artist must think about, there is the technical side that no one notices but it’s surely there.

Most of the time, people see paintings and they focus on the subject. In the process of painting, painted canvas or any other artistic expression is the last, but definitely not the least, thing in the painting process. Before that, the artist has gone through so many processes.

First of all, when there is an inspiration for the painting, an artist must carefully consider the composition and technical part of the painting, then there is sketching, type of paints, type of gesso, painting technique, varnishing, if you’re happy with it, or retouching if you’re not. Not to mention marketing and packaging, the list goes on…

Wait, what about the canvas?

Well, the canvas is the most important part of the painting process for me. I have tried so many varieties on the market. My priority is quality and consistency. There are several things to consider: material, weave i.e. texture and the weight of the material. Also, one other very important fact is that it wouldn’t warp. The weight of the material is important for the heavy layers of the painting.

The canvas must be firm and dense, with good tension, sort of like the tension of the drum. The important part of the canvas is also his back side. The back side makes it humidity-free and adds to the tension of the canvas.

Canvas weave affects your painting a lot. If you have a series of paintings you really want them to have the same canvas feel and texture. Many of them that you see in your local stores don’t have the quality to last and I, somehow, always had this idea of doing my own canvases in the back of my mind.

Well, when I finally found my supplier it turned out that the canvases were not always available. There are times when I really needed them in large quantities but the supplier’s answer was often rather vague. They didn’t know when they will have them, in which quantities or even if they’ll have them at all.

High-quality Handmade Blank Canvases - Vallenssia Art
High-quality Handmade Blank Canvases - Stretched canvases by Vallenssia

Well, that’s the moment when the idea from the back of my mind came forward! I’m going to make my own canvases!

After that, step by step, day by day I explored and researched – I wanted high-quality wood that wouldn’t warp, extra quality canvas, and a couple of electronic tools to get things started.

And I made it!

Today I paint on my own canvases. I’m so happy with the tension and the overall effect that it has on my paintings. No warping, no bumps or dents. While I enjoy my fresh made canvases I decided to spread the joy and offer them to anybody else who would like to express their creativity on a canvas.

These blank canvases are handmade, please bear in mind that I need to cut some wood and stretch the canvas. This will take 2-3 days of processing time before you receive it.

When it arrives and your painting is done I would love to see it. Stay in touch and follow my Facebook page here and Instagram page here to send your finished paintings!

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For posting your artwork that you painted on my canvas:
1. Follow my Facebook Page
2. Send photo of your painting
3. The one that I choose I’ll share it on my Facebook page


Please bear in mind that:
1. All stretched canvases are handmade.
2. Allow 2-3 days of processing time for making your canvas.
3. When it’s ready we will notify you and send it immediately.

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