New Painting - Metallic!

Tranquillity Original Painting and Print on Canvas

New painting in the Metallic Collection.

In the journey of exploring the opposites, this series shows how emotions and metallic work together. Is Metallic just another emotion that fades away or is it overwhelming for a human being? Where does it begin and where does it end? The painting shows a beautiful young woman with blond hair and a braid. The braid is wrapped in shiny metal which represents hidden emotions. Her hair is carried by the wind in all directions and emanates from a metal braid as warm emotions in human nature that try to beat those cold ones.

Tranquility is the new member in Metallic Collection. It’s always interesting to me to try to interpret the opposites, light vs dark, gentle vs drama, warm vs cold, Renaissance vs modern and put all those things in one painting.

Hence the metallic braid in this woman’s hair. It’s subtle weaved in the hair braids, showing off on the light.